&; Guidelines

General guidelines:

● Be a fan of the 1995 Disney movie POCAHONTAS - Pretty obvious, nya?! ;)
● You can use any name you want but please avoid something like *~PoCAhOnTaSfAn196949291+~*. I reserve the right to edit names like these and remove the special characters
● A website is not required to join this fanlisting
● You must give me a valid email adress to join this fanlisting. Your email adress will NOT BE SHOWN on the list, but I need it to see that you are a real person and not a spam member. You must also give me the country you live in
● If any of your listed information changes (URL, email...), please keep them up to date via the update form

For website owners:

● If you do have a website, please pick up a button and link it back to this fanlisting
● Websites which promote pornography, racism or other questionable material will not be listed. Please do not submit questionable sites. If you still do, you will be listed without your site
● Buttons / Codes must be uploaded to your own server, NO DIRECT LINKING! If you don't have your own webspace, you can upload them to free hosting sites such as Photobucket

PLEASE NOTE: A fanlisting is not a mailing list or a clique. You will only get an email from me letting you know that you have been added to the fanlisting and one in case the fanlisting moves to a new domain so you will know about