Through faith and love -

The THE LION KING fanlisting was approved at The Fanlistings Network on 21st February 2006. It was opened and originally owned by Emma ( until she adopted it out to Jessica in June 2009. Jessica gave the fanlisting to Sarah in February 2011 and eventually, Sarah adopted the fanlisting out to me in March 2012, thank you SO MUCH!
The THE LION KING fanlisting is listed at The Fanlistings Network under the "Animation" category and the "Movies" subcategory.

As for the name: CIRCLE OF LIFE was the first (and only *lol*) name that came to my mind when looking for a name - And I think, it was used by the former owners of this fanlisting as well. At least I couldn't remember of a time when the name of the THE LION KING was not CIRCLE OF LIFE. And I think it's the perfect name for this fanlisting, don't you think so too?
As for the headlines I have used lines from the song "Circle of Life" randomly. If you want to see them in order, please go here.

Till we find our place -

On the path unwinding -

So, why a fanlisting for THE LION KING you may wonder? Because I adore this movie, simple as this! I still remember how I sat in the theatre with my friend, her sister and her mother and I was so excited to see this movie. It was the first show of THE LION KING in our town and the whole cinema was decorated with huge displays from Simba, Mufasa, Rafiki, Nala, Zazu and Scar (hell, that lion really scared me xD). I have always loved lions and african animals in general, so to see these in a Disney movie was such amazing. And when we finally sat down and the movie began, I was even more excited. I still remember how the huge opening scene gave me goosbumps with this amazing drawings of the wild african animals and this song... I can't deny that "Circle of Life" is my most favourite Disney song ever, for me it is simply the best Disney song ever written. I also love many other Disney songs but this one... It is such so beautifully composed and the lyrics are amazing. It suits the movie perfect and even today I'm getting goosebumps whenever I watch the movie and sometimes, when Rafiki lifts Simba to the sky and the sun breaks through the clouds... well, sometimes I feel like crying because it is such so beautiful <3. So yes, I absolutely adore this song and it is an additional factor why I love THE LION KING that much - But of course it is not the only factor and certainly not the most important one. I can't even tell *that* one factor why I love this movie so much, it is just everything about it: The scenery, the music, the characters, the story... Just everything. The movie begins really cute and sweet, with Simba's birth and how he grows up as the prince, learning from his father about the precious land they live in, the precious life and that everyone is part of the great circle. Then the movie gets sadder with the death of Mufasa, Simba's abandoning of Pride Rock and his life with the fault of his father's death all the years. I felt really sorry for him and I was so happy when Nala found him after all these years and with her, he finally decided to follow his true fate and returned to Pride Rock. The battle between him and Scar is definitely one of my most favorite scenes in a Disney movie, it is simply amazing. I was really happy for Simba when Scar finally told him that it was him who actually killed Mufasa, so that means it was not Simba's fault. Although I felt sorry for Scar that he died (he is such a crazy character and honestly, I like him^^) but I think any other "ending" with him wouldn't have suited the movie. And finally, Simba took his place and became the new, rightful king of the pride lands, together with Nala as his queen. And to see that they also have a child again, leads us back where the movie began and shows once more that we are all part of the great circle of life. This is an amazing story and it carries a wonderful message. It is kinda sad to see that Disney has stopped making these kind of movies because they are all so great and each is unique in its own way and carries an important message most of the modern movies are lacking. So yeah, long story short *lol*: I love THE LION KING, it is one of my top 3 favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies in general, I have watched it countless times and I never get tired of it. So when the fanlisting for it was put up for adoption, I didn't hesitate for even a second and began writing my application - and to own this fanlisting now really means a lot to me and I will always be grateful for this opportunity =).